Monday, May 28, 2012

New Services Installed

For you as an entrepreneur to work efficiently, you must have two important things: a way to send/receive payments, and a way to deliver/receive goods.

The good news is now you can have these services within your reach: in the place where you work. COWO, our co-working space (some might call it a virtual office), has installed a Western Union branch for money transfers and a Xend retail outlet, for domestic and international courier services. Members of COWO who are working inside the space can have immediate access to these services. Working and doing business would be very easy.

Aside from these services, we also offer printing, secretarial, messengerial services, meeting rooms, and many other things that makes doing business easy and convenient. If you want to know more, just visit or

Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Blogger's Workspace

Blogging is serious business.

Most bloggers do it part-time, because income from it does not immediately become stable, so they report  to an office religiously, and write during their off hours. However, there are entrepreneur-bloggers who have found real opportunity in doing it full time, because of the different sources of revenue they have derived from covering events, social media marketing, copyrighting and advertising. So just like any other business, bloggers who write full-time are conscious of overhead, growth of their advertising sales, and impact on their savings. So they work at home, or go to the nearest coffee shop to write, spending a few hundreds on food and beverage. 

But when blogging becomes more serious, there is a need to get out of the house or coffee shop, and have a more professional representation. A place where you can work, but at the same time, with services that allows you to focus on your craft. That's where COWO comes in. 

COWO is a blogger's dream workspace - conducive for writing, lot of space to sit, strong WIFI, built in services such as money remittance of accepting payments from clients, strong coffee, access to printing services, hot pastry, access to rooms for meeting with clients and like-minded, trustworthy people to collaborate with. COWO has all of these, and more. The professional atmosphere makes you more legitimate to potential clients.

If you are a blogger or a writer, you can go into COWO, find a place to settle down with your laptop, connect to the WIFI and type away those thoughts. 

You can sit in any of the round coworking tables in the "NOMAD" section (sit-anywhere membership), and stay the whole day writing. It beats working in a noisy coffee shop or mall food court. 

Western Union is just at the reception area, so if you need to receive money from your clients, it's very convenient. There will be a courier service installed very soon.

Access to telephones and equipments just in case you need them. While blogging, you can just use the nearest telephone and call the reception area for any of your needs. It's really like having your own office, but without the high overhead.

Private meetings rooms allow them to discuss business with visiting clients or fellow bloggers, where you can rent out projectors and screens. 

The good news for bloggers is membership only costs a few Caffe Lattes a month. At Php 10,000 a year, or Php 850 a month, you get access to all of these features. If you are a blogger, why not drop by COWO and see for yourself. Grab a one day pass here so you can try it out before becoming a member. Here's how to contact COWO -

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

COWO and Bottega Studio presents: Make-up Like a Pro!

Great news for make-up and beauty enthusiasts. Our co-working space COWO and Bottega Studio (led by US Trained Celebrity Make-up Artist Au Mauricio), will be holding a workshop entitled "MAKE-UP LIKE A PRO" on Saturday, June 9, 2012 for the whole day. Learn the secrets of professional make-up in the comfort of a cool workspace for collaboration at the heart of Ortigas Center. For Php 5,000, you get PIXI professional make-up products worth Php 3,500 and a lot of freebies that makes it all worth it! Early bird price is Php 4,750. You also get that discount if you are a COWO member. Food and drinks are also included. 

For more information, inquiries and how to register, please call or text Gaye at 0917-5062344. Or please visit See you there!

COWO: The Entrepreneur's Events Place

COWO is a great place to hold seminars, events, workshops and press conferences because of the cool, relaxed environment if offers. Just recently, shown in the photo above, the VIRTUAL CAMPUS guys trained public school teachers from various Department of Education divisions on eLearning theories and technologies. This coming June, we have a Blogger's Night, a Make up like a Pro course, a Photography and Lighting seminar and many more that will try to capture everyone's tastes and interests.

COWO is at G/F Suntree Tower 27 Sapphire Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City.

Monday, May 14, 2012

COWO: Online Seller's Haven

COWO is a co-working and collaboration space where entrepreneurs, freelancers, and professionals connect in a common environment and "cowork" on projects together. At the same time, they enjoy business related services that allow them to focus on their work, such as money remittance, messengers, strong wifi and even a coffee shop for relaxed meetings. 

This type of innovative workspace can benefit online sellers or merchants. How so?

1. An credible office space 
Online sellers usually work from home. COWO can provide the credible office address and facilities that makes the customer more confident about making a purchase. Not only that, online sellers can take that "break" from home, and work in a cool, relaxing environment with special amenities such as meeting rooms, receptionists, coffee, and strong WIFI connection.

2. A secure and trustworthy environment
Online sellers and buyers usually meet inside the mall or in public places which could pose as a security risk to both parties, since neither one knows each other personally. COWO can be a meeting place that makes trading comfortable and secure. 

3. Money and Courier services
COWO has a western union branch inside, so online sellers can have the comfort of sending or receiving money while working inside an office space. If delivery is needed, COWO has the messengers and couriers to send packages throughout the metropolis.

4. Access to seminars and events
COWO members get the chance to attend free seminars on business, entrepreneurship, personal development and creative topics. Online sellers can benefit from tips on how they can help grow their business.

5. Networking and collaboration
COWO is not just an office space, but a collaboration and co-working environment. Online sellers get to meet other entrepreneurs and work together on projects, or sales leads - which they can't do at home. 

Are you an online seller or merchant? Please do drop by COWO and check it yourself.

Monday, May 7, 2012

COWO for your Events

COWO Company members Guhit Pinoy and Art City (organizations led by COWO members Lina and Ernest) recently conducted 2D Animation training for the first batch of students at the COWO Pasig Branch. At this co-working space, we encourage our members to create events, seminars and training sessions within the spacious collaboration area - for income generation or educational collaboration. At COWO, we offer work space with a strong WIFI connection, meeting rooms, equipments such as projectors, laptops and screens, staffing, management, and food/beverage for your events.

If you would like to be a member, or use COWO for your events, please do contact us.:

Friday, May 4, 2012

COWO Ribbon Cutting a Success

Today, Friday, May 4, 2012, COWO, our co-working space business, officially opened with a Ribbon Cutting event graced by our special guests Congressman Roman Romulo and Councilor Shalani S. Romulo. The event took place in our first and flagship COWO spot at the ground floor Suntree Tower on Sapphire Road, Ortigas Center.

It was very well attended by entrepreneurs, investors, venture capitalists and friends/families of COWO. Great finger foods was served by Bizu, and we were all entertained by the Haranistas of HARANA.PH. Although it was rainy, and traffic was really bad (because of the Megamall 3-day sale), everyone had a blast. 

Finally, in the pouring rain, we installed the COWO Signage ala "Hollywood". We hope to become a landmark in the Ortigas Center area.

Now that we've launched, it's time to cowork!

Here are some photos of the launch:

Venture Capitalist Martin Lichauco and COWO Partner Marco Santos with friends.

Harrison heads Eileen, Ernest with our Prime Logic Digital Sales Manager, Christian.

Our HARANA.PH Haranistas after performing during the launch.

My family with Councilor Shalani.

Shalani with president of the Pasig Chamber of Commerce and Dan Soliven, manager of COWO, together with some friends.

Guhit Pinoy's Lina Valdez and COWO's Ester Esguera with Councilor Shalani.

COWO Partner says a few words.

Martin Lichauco delivers an entertaining speech.

Our honored guests enjoying themselves.

Congressman Roman Romulo talks to the guests.

Find more photos here. Interested in becoming part of the COWOvolution? Visit our website at or our Facebook page at

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Send and Receive Money in COWO

Here we are setting up the Western Union branch at COWO, Ortigas head branch. It will be available tomorrow, May 4, 2012, just in time for our inauguration and ribbon cutting.  This is another move of COWO to give more business support services to its members, and provide services for non-members as well. 


Our new TVC was just released in time for our COWO inauguration. Spread the news!

More information at our website or Facebook page

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

What is COWO?

COWO is short for "COWORKING."

That statement, I hope, defines what we are as a company. 

COWO, I'd like to think, is a unique business idea that makes the virtual office concept cool. Of course,  admittedly, we are not the first ones to do this. Coworking spaces have been around for so long in other countries, and so far, I think the concept is answering the problem of increasing cost of space, as well as the rise of the mobile workforce.

A COWORKING space creates a place where entrepreneurs, freelancers, professionals, working moms, mobile employees and other people who value networking, to collaborate/connect with each other in a cool, open office environment. That's what we envision to develop here in the Philippines.

Aside from giving the space, which coffee shops already offer, we provide business support services such as secretarial work, business registration services, money transfer, and things that entrepreneurs need for them to focus on their real work. Members can enjoy the convenience of a business center for printing requirements, concierge services and stand by messengers who can send packages to different areas in the metro.

We provide cozy private meeting rooms where you can write on the walls, which members can rent for only Php 250 per hour. 

If you prefer, you can get a private cubicle where you work alone, and just go out to network with people whenever you are ready. Being a resident member gives you access to even more benefits, and your own local number. 

There is a coffee bar for freshly brewed Italian coffee, pastries, light lunch and cold drinks. You should taste our bibingka, supplied by our COWO member Ferino's. 

There's a cool couch area for relaxed and casual brainstorming sessions, meetings, projects and sharing of ideas. A lot of books to read, and coincidentally, the square hole on the wall leads straight to the coffee shop.

I call these the conversation seats. I wish we purchased more of these. 

We plan to open several COWO branches within the year, so that members can move from office to office, wherever it is convenient for them. By May 2012, we will be opening another COWO spot at the CAV wine bar at the Fort, Taguig to service people who work within the Makati area.

The good news is membership is a steal - only Php 10,000 a year (a few cups of Frappuccinos a month). More about our services here - and

To know more about the COWO concept, you may visit our website at or our Facebook fanpage If you'd like to see our lovely faces, you are more than welcome to visit us at G/F Suntree Tower, 27 Sapphire Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City. 

See you at COWO and looking forward to cowork with you. 

Welcome to COWO.

Welcome to COWO.
Sit back and relax a bit.
Smell the aroma of freshly brewed Italian coffee and take a sip.
Let's talk about your ideas for a while.