Monday, May 14, 2012

COWO: Online Seller's Haven

COWO is a co-working and collaboration space where entrepreneurs, freelancers, and professionals connect in a common environment and "cowork" on projects together. At the same time, they enjoy business related services that allow them to focus on their work, such as money remittance, messengers, strong wifi and even a coffee shop for relaxed meetings. 

This type of innovative workspace can benefit online sellers or merchants. How so?

1. An credible office space 
Online sellers usually work from home. COWO can provide the credible office address and facilities that makes the customer more confident about making a purchase. Not only that, online sellers can take that "break" from home, and work in a cool, relaxing environment with special amenities such as meeting rooms, receptionists, coffee, and strong WIFI connection.

2. A secure and trustworthy environment
Online sellers and buyers usually meet inside the mall or in public places which could pose as a security risk to both parties, since neither one knows each other personally. COWO can be a meeting place that makes trading comfortable and secure. 

3. Money and Courier services
COWO has a western union branch inside, so online sellers can have the comfort of sending or receiving money while working inside an office space. If delivery is needed, COWO has the messengers and couriers to send packages throughout the metropolis.

4. Access to seminars and events
COWO members get the chance to attend free seminars on business, entrepreneurship, personal development and creative topics. Online sellers can benefit from tips on how they can help grow their business.

5. Networking and collaboration
COWO is not just an office space, but a collaboration and co-working environment. Online sellers get to meet other entrepreneurs and work together on projects, or sales leads - which they can't do at home. 

Are you an online seller or merchant? Please do drop by COWO and check it yourself.

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